The Scottsdale area real estate market has been performing at a very strong rate over the past several months.

However, that does not mean there are no deals to be found. In fact, quite a few homes are on the market for less than their appraised value.  

What does that mean to you, the buyer?  If you purchase a home for less than the appraised value, you have immediate built-in equity!

If you have any questions about these homes or want to set up a time to see any of them, just let us know. 


7314 E Arroyo Hondo Road

Scottsdale, Arizona

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Disclaimer: Property values and appraised values subject to change and are not guaranteed. Market values and appraised values can go up or go down at any time. No warranties regarding the appraised values mentioned in the MLS listings for these homes.  If you are financing your home purchase, your lender will require a new appraisal. And, if you are purchasing a home for cash, you have the right to conduct an appraisal during the due diligence period.